Thursday, May 1, 2014


What Is Revision?

A change or a set of changes that corrects or improves something.

Steps For Revision

  • Find You Main Point
  • Identify Your Readers and Your Purpose
  • Evaluate Your Evidence
  • Save Only The Good Pieces
  • Tighten and Clean Up Your Language
  • Eliminate Mistakes In Grammar And Usage
  • Switch From Writer Centered To Reader Centered

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Three Revision Techniques:

1.  Start On One Page- When going page by page this allows you to catch typos, and to study your characters as well as the plot.

2.  Circle Passive Words And Eliminate Them- Writing passively is common for writers, but it slows down the story and makes it less exciting for readers.  The more passive words you can eliminate or make them active, the better your story will be.

3.  Delete All Cliches- Cliches are over done and easily caught when revising.  Some authors may try even rewrite these cliches in order to enhance them.  

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